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Row 3 (Left to Right): 1:1 CBD-Rich Peach Gummies - $26 + tax; Sativa Pineapple Gummies - $24 + tax; 1:1 CBD-Rich Raspberry Gummies - $26 + tax; @theamericannadreamevents, theamericannadreamevents (@theamericannadreamevents) – @theamericannadream Adult 21+ Consumption Sales Event License# CEO14-0000009-LIC EVNT-19-0000007-LIC A non-existent high: feel better the next day. A nonexistent high: daily supplement formulated to help balance your ECS and start your day off right. Isolated cannabinoids in the form of ProTabs and Tablinguals allow consumers to create their own "Level ToolKit". Similarly, cannabis plants produce more than 65 known cannabinoids, THC and CBD being the most abundant. CBD is taken into account protected in giant doses, with no known long-time period effects. For you to be able to trust this claim, the company must be backed up by a USDA seal of approval.

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A non-existent high: feel better the next day.

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A nonexistent high: daily supplement formulated to help balance your ECS and start your day off right.

The holidays are here. We look at best ways to handle conversations related to cannabis around the dinner table this holiday season. THC and CBD aren't the only cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Others like THCV, CBN, and CBG can also be highly beneficial. Some of my friends in NYC still claim “I got so high from CBD”. We are just at the beginning of the learning curve. It’s not that people here are anti-cannabis - it’s just the education is so behind. We also got to see and take home one of Simple Jane’s newest offerings, a CBD infused massage oils and body balms. These are great for pre and post workout—even when that workout is sex.